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Having spent forty years in New York City, Cartier has amassed more than a hundred photographs in which the WTC appears either incidentally or as the main subject.

The photos, mostly black & white, some in color were taken between 1972, when the towers were still in the building stage and the Nineties. The prints are recent but there are a few vintage ones.

The WTC is seen from far away, up close, from a helicopter, from its summit, refelcted in water or it appears in some corner of an image whose main subject was not necessarily the twin towers.

These images are not aiming for the sensational and Cartier did not photograph the destroyed towers, nor the sequels of 9-11.

With the exception of two, these images have never been published.
WTC_A_400.jpg (11924 octets) The WTC seen from the sloop "Clearwater" in 1986. At right, the Woolworth Building, built in 1913.

WTC_B_400.jpg (12371 octets)

Seagull flying by the WTC (1975).

WTC_wsideHighway_400.jpg (12419 octets)

Biker near the Canal Street Bridge on the West Side Highway, near the WTC (1977).
Today, all three sites are gone.

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