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  • Traces of the First World War
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This project, which aimed to record as many surviving vestiges of the conflict, was carried out over a twelve-year period with a large-format camera (4x5) along the 1914-1918 trench system stretching from the North Sea coast of Belgium to the French-Swiss border. More than 350 sites were surveyed.

In addition, several American, British, Belgian, German and French
veterans were photographed before their death.

Exhibitions of some parts of this project only took place in France, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Press and media coverage have been extensive (see CV annex).

semelles_400.jpg (12998 octets) Verdun. Discarded army boots

casemate_pamart_400.jpg (14271 octets)

Verdun. Pamart-type pillbox

douaumont_400.jpg (12483 octets)

Verdun. Fort de Douaumont

hannan_400.jpg (12766 octets) Horace Hannan, British veteran

livre.jpg (12202 octets)

"Traces of the Great War"
Hardbound edition. 256 pages.
Marshal Foch Prize (French Academy, 1995)

(now out-of-print, but a few copies
are still available from the author)

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