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  • New York, Visual Chaos

To convey his reaction to the visual cacophony of the city, and very often its decrepit looks, JS Cartier used the 35mm format in black & white, very often with a 200mm telephoto lens to achieve a concentration of information.

In these images, Cartier illustrates his forty-year long love-hate relationship with New York City, the town in whose streets one feels the most "outside" in the world, according to philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

affiches_1988_400.jpg (12893 octets) Virtual and Live people, 9th Avenue

williamsburg_bridge_400.jpg (13070 octets)

Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn side

NYC_chinatown_400.jpg (10546 octets)

Canal Street Traffic

times_square_panneau_400.jpg (14784 octets) Times Square Billboard
queensboro_bridge_400.jpg (14454 octets) Rush hour, Queensboro Bridge
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