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  • Auxerre

These images reflect a personal vision of a city in Burgundy.

JS Cartier emphasized the aspects which are emblematic of an old
and fairly intact provincial town in France such as half-timbered houses, uncommon architectural details, 17th-century street signs or well-preserved Renaissance mansions with gardens hidden by high stone walls.

In most images, people and cars are absent, thus giving an "old look" to streets and buildings, reminiscent of the mood of Atget or the Seeberger brothers' photographs, which Cartier admits had a strong influence on his work.

The photographs were taken with a large (4X5) format camera, in 
black & white and have been exhibited in Auxerre only.
aux_rue_stpierre.jpg (12825 octets) Saint-Pierre-en-Château Street

aux_place_leclerc.jpg (10698 octets)

Old Houses near City Hall

clos_chainette.jpg (10847 octets)

The Chaînette wineyards in the city

vue_stetienne.jpg (12673 octets) Saint Stephen's Cathedral, seen from a private garden
porte_stpierre.jpg (11029 octets) Saint Peter's Gate
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