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  • Art Nouveau in Brussels

Examples of the "Art Nouveau" style with emphasis on the "Horta Line" as they can be seen in Brussels, Belgium, are visible in 
each of these images. They are sometimes seen up close or from further away and are sometimes allusive.

A close look reveals in each photograph one or several elements representative of this style, whether in a detail, a gate or a sculptured ornament. There are also bits of evidence referring to our own "turn-of-the-century" which do not always appear at first glance, whether they be pictures of two martyred children in a window, a gum wrapper on the sidewalk or the reflection of a modern
building in a Blérot or Horta window. For better or worse, the present is there indeed.

This often derided ephemeral style, the object of amusement or contempt, often victim of wanton destruction, is only beginning to get the respect it deserves. For the last few years, an effort is being made to preserve, restore and protect the wealth of Art Nouveau and Jugendstijl houses and public buildings still standing in Brussels. 

This work has never been published or exhibited. 
fenetre_1999_300.jpg (12408 octets) Windows of a house, rue Vanderschrik,21 (Ernest Blérot, arch. 1902). 

hiboux_pelseneer_400..jpg (10124 octets)

"Les Hiboux" ("The Owls"), Avenue Brugmann,55. (Edouard Pelseneer, arch.1895).

facade_blerot_300.jpg (11163 octets)

Façade, rue Vanderschrik,9 (Ernest Blérot, arch. 1900-1903)

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